Nevertheless She Persisted – Feminist Quote T-Shirt

Nevertheless She Persisted Shirt

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“She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” This has become a rallying cry for women all across the United States. Feminist t-shirt with inspirational quote for women in pink and white ; nevertheless she persisted; Protest t-shirt to rally for women’s rights, feminism, support the resistance, and march on washington. Women’s empowerment graphic tee shirt for nasty women, ladies, and kids who know where a woman’s place is. Though she was silenced on the floor and kept from reading the poem, she won’t give up on speaking the truth – show your support for her in this shirt.

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Cute Panda DABBING TO YOUR HEART Valentines Day Shirt Funny T-Shirt

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Funny Panda DABBING TO YOUR HEART Valentines Day Shirt for boys, girls, women, and men. Perfect valentines day Gift Tee for family or friends and makes a perfect shirt to give to your boyfriend, girlfriend, or secret admirer. Roses are red, violets are blue, dabbing to your heart, because i love you. Panda has some new dance moves this Valentines! Get this parody of this years best selling dabbing shirts. From the company that brought you the best seller – Cupid Dabbing To Your Heart t-shirt! For those that love animals and panda dabs.

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Valentines Day Tin Man Wizard of Oz T-Shirt

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Still need to find a gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or family? Then this one would be the best choice for anyone out there! True fans of Wizard of Oz and the Tin Man will love this one for Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year! It would also make a good gift or present for birthdays, anniversaries and engagements!

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Samantha Bee Nasty Woman T-Shirt

Samantha Bee Nasty Woman Tshirt. By getting this exclusive “Nasty Woman” shirt, you’re joining Samantha Bee and countless other smart, fearless women and men in supporting Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles County, standing up for women’s (aka, human) rights and helping to pave the way for a brighter future. This is such an incredible time in our country’s history. Don’t you want to look back on it with pride, knowing that you helped make a difference? We do! Join us and let’s make it happen.


Isn’t she just awesome?

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Roger Goodell Clown shirt

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New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is speaking his mind after the latest Super Bowl victory.

He was seen wearing a t-shirt with Roger Goodell’s face and a clown nose as he got off the Patriots’ plane at Logan Airport in Boston.

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Mama Bear T-Shirt

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For all the Ladies, Mams, Mother bears, Moms, Mothers, Grandmothers, Grandma and any other protector of the cubs. Perfect casual distressed t-shirt for going out. It will be your favorite. Great gift for Mother’s Day. Whether you’re wearing this while teaching, educating or simply sporting it every day while hanging out with your loved one with autism your love for your child and your passion for Autism awareness will be on display with this cleverly designed shirt.

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