Tomy Hide & Squeak Eggs Review 2017

This is one of my very favorite baby toys. I bought one for my oldest, 9 years ago when he was a baby, and we have lost one of the eggs in a vacuum so I just bought the same toy again for my youngest. All four of my kids have love it. The babies and kids (and adults) love to play with the eggs. My daughter is now 6 months old and she can hold onto the eggs well. They are just the right size that she can hold them but they are to big to cause me any kind of choking worry.

This toy is great bang for you buck. I would highly recommend this toy for any baby.

Things to know:
The egg carton is the size of a regular carton of eggs that holds 6 egg. It is made from sturdy plastic and is well made.
The eggs are each two pieces, a top and a bottom. The tops can fit on any of the eggs but the faces and colors match (the green face matches with the green egg). The eggs have funny faces on them.
The eggs make a squeaking noise when you push down on the colored “face”. The squeak is fairly quiet and pleasant.

Tomy Hide & Squeak Eggs



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  • Two matching games in one! Includes 6 eggs with unique colors and shapes
  • Shells crack open to reveal six egg-stra special colorful chicks
  • Press down gently on their heads to hear them cheep
  • Easy for little hands to grip
  • Sort the eggs into their spaces – each one has its own specially shaped base inside the egg box

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